Sunday, February 16, 2014

Internet Adventures

I think we can all agree that going anywhere in the snow is absolutely horrible. For the first block, walking in the snow can seem magical, but after block two reality hits: the snow really sucks. I hate leaving my comfortable home when the weather is wintery. But these girls have to work, so Mistress Bumpy and I stocked up on food and took to the internet.

This weekend we did a few rounds of web cam sessions. Up until this weekend, we swore we would never do cam sessions. They aren't as fulfilling as getting to dig your claws into the flesh of a new little bitch, but it turns out they can actually be quite fun!

We had the pleasure of having multiple cam sluts! It was fantastic. I never really thought of myself as able to hurl insults but it turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable to call a grown man a dirty little cock sucking panty sniffing cum eating little bitch.

Plus getting items off my Amazon Wish List was also pretty cool!

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