Thursday, January 8, 2015


After a nice long holiday season, I am booking sessions again! Can't wait to have you crawling across My dungeon floor begging for My attention and the control you really need. I have enacted a new system for booking new clients. Email Me for more information.
My New Years Resolution is to have as much fun as possible while delving into the dirty mind of My clients this year to take them to new depths of submission that once seemed unattainable. 
I have a photoshoot planned this weekend if you would like custom pics, let me know and I will provide you with pricing.

I am also honored to have had my first Bdsm article published by Boxy Magazine detailing my early experiences in the kink community.
If you'd like to read the full article, you can find it here . Below is an excerpt from article.
When I was 16 or 17, my friend came up with a brilliant idea. He sent me a link to a porno clip and asked me what I thought. As I sneakily watched the clip late at night on my family computer, I was amazed. I don’t know what to say, I told him, and he asked me if I wanted to try something like that. I told him yes. The next day when I was home alone, I broke out those thigh highs my parents weren’t happy about me buying from the previous Halloween and I left the front door unlocked and waited for my friend to come over. When he left, I was changed; I was confused.
When I was in college, I found out about an online community for BDSM and Kink. I began searching and meeting people who I thought could help me on my journey. I chatted but I was too scared to actually meet anyone. I just teased and flirted. I met some total creeps. I met some total sweethearts. I didn’t meet anyone in person.


  1. Great article and very well written. I can tell you as a male submissive it's daunting to try to find someone to trust as well. I still have never gotten to the point where I felt comfortable meeting anyone.

    1. contact Me and we can chat a little before meeting, I love teaching new boys about what I do.