Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Suck My Strap On: A Poetic Interlude.

When I receieved the request from this new slut who wanted to suck my strap-on, I was skeptical he was worthy of it. Before our session in my dungeon, we had a cam session to talk about his wants and needs. He really proved to me that he wanted it but I still wasn’t convinced he deserved it. So when he came into my dungeon, he still had work to do.

Mistress Bumpy was in the session with me and together we worked him over really good. While he told me that he didn’t like pain, we quickly changed his mind and he took more than either of us expected. It was beautiful. He sucked on a decent sized butt plug while we took turns flogging and caning him. He wasn’t the best cocksucker we have seen, so we knew he wasn’t ready for a dildo or even our strap-ons.

After the session was over, I gave him an assignment. (I only give assignments to good sluts who impress me with their dedication) His assignment was to write a haiku on why he deserved to suck my cock. He went beyond that and wrote a few. 

I think he nailed it with these four gems:

Miss, motivating:
"Are you gonna suck that cock
Or should I hurt you?"

There is nothing worse
Than a timid cocksucker: 
I need to be trained. 

Because I must try
Harder to please Miss Marie,
My face needs fucking. 

Of things I want but
don't deserve, most of all is

Misstress Marie's cock.