Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Make My Day you little bitches

Currently in SOUTH FLORIDA 
Booking sessions June 29-July 2

I come up with great sessions I would love to do all the time. The problem is finding the person who really is willing to do whatever I want. There are people out there, I know. I can't be the only weirdo who thinks of these types of things. So here it is, 11 session ideas that I need the right slaves for.

  1. BEACH DAY PUBLIC SESSION: Whatever your fetish, I want to figure out a way to session on the beach. I want to hear the waves crashing mixed with your pleading. I want to feel the sun on My skin as you worship My feet. Instead of My creative rope bondage, I want to sip a tropical drink while you dig a hole for Me to burry you in. I want to then use your face as a footrest while I finish My mojito. 
  2. SPA DAY: I want to go to a day spa with one of My friends and I want you to watch Me get pampered. I want you to be jealous when I am getting a pedicure. Then after you've had your full of humiliation of being the guy staring at Me in the spa, I will send you to run errands for Me so that I can fully relax after My day at the spa. Afterwards, if you've completed your chores, I will allow you to worship My feet and be My foot stool.
  3. BOARD GAME OBJECTIFICATION: I know I've talked about this one before, but I still haven't done it. I want to turn a man into My personal board game. I want to have him serve Me for a game night then when We are ready, he will be Our board game. The rules will be arbitrary and made up as We go. Might include just about anything, We can get pretty creative.
  4. POETRY SLAVE: I want to read poetry out loud while you worship My feet. I want to put together an anthology of dirty tantalizing poems tailored to drive you wild. I will read them so passionately while you show your appreciation for My gift of words at my feet. It will be a literary experience you won't soon forget.
  5. LET IT EAT CAKE: I want to step in cake. I want to feel the sugary goodness of the frosting between My toes. I want to watch you painstakingly lick every bit of frosting off My cute little toes, only to watch Me step in the cake and have to start all over again. I want to watch as you enjoy the delicious treat on My delicious feet. I want to fuck your little mouth with My frosted toes. I want to watch your struggle not to choke. Then, only when I have had My fill of fun, you will carefully clean both My feet and whatever other mess what made in the process. No one likes a messy slave.
  6. POOL BOY SLAVE: One of My favorite parts of summer is hanging out at the pool or on the beach. Whats better than lounging by a body of water and soaking up the sun? Well, thats where you come in. I want a pool boy slave for the day. While I am lounging and relaxing, your only objective is to make My day better. Whether its watermelon or a mojito, you will fulfill and serve Me in whatever way I see fit. Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll ask you to help Me apply sunblock.  
  7. LOLLIPOP CUCKOLD: You know you aren't worthy of My sexual attention and you crave to see Me with a real man, but you are so below real man that I don't think you even deserve to even see that. What you can see is Me licking a unicorn pop. I love lollipops and know how to eat them to drive any man crazy. Let Me tease you and show you how I'd treat a real man. How pathetic you are. Humiliation by lollipop is one sweet desire.
  8. BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE CIA:  If you've seen Me before, you know that I am a cerebral creature. I find the psychology of BDSM to be one of the most appealing aspects. So when the CIA advanced interrogation report became public, I was enthralled. You better book Me for the weekend because this is going to take a while. I want to sit down and go through the advanced interrogation techniques and create a list of techniques to test out on you. Luck for you one of my favorite activities is water boarding.
  9. HOME GOODS SLAVE: A Goddess like Me deserves to live in a temple. We will go to various botiques as I acquire the finishing luxurious touches to complete my dream apartment. I have a fetish for nice housewares. I find it extremely arousing and comforting to be surrounded by nice things. I want to elevate My apartment to that level. It is nice now, but imagine how much better dinner will taste when I make it on the new pans you bought for. If you're lucky, I will let you eat it with a knife and fork like a civilized person. If not, you will eat from a bowl on My new kitchen floor like the dog you are.
  10. PUBLIC ASH TRAY: Imagine the looks on peoples faces when I start using your mouth as My own personal ashtray. We looked like any other couple in the park till I leaned over and exhaled thick smoke all over your face. We appeared normal till I quietly asked you to get on your knees in front of me and open your mouth. It was a beautiful day out and I didn't want to waste it in the dungeon. Now, open your mouth and swallow My ash like I know you so desperately want to.
  11. NPR BONDAGE: I am a huge nerd and I love listening to NPR. I love to learn about a variety of topics as well as keep up to date on various news items. I also love bondage. So why not combine the two? I would love to listen to This American Life while I put you in extremely restrictive bondage. I want to watch you squirm in my rope while Serial plays in the back ground. I want to watch you relax into your binds as Ask Me Another fills the room. 

Make My day bitches. 
I hear "I'll do anything you want" every day, step up and prove it. Make My dreams come true. Don't be a selfish little bitch. See you soon. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hints of Summer

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, there is no doubt that summer is just around the corner. Summer invites many naughty opportunities that are not to be wasted and not wasting naughty opportunities is what we did this weekend.

Our little Sarah baby finished her IVY LEAUGE education and celebrated her birthday! Our whole kinky crew went up to her house in Connecticut for wet, tasty, messy pool party BBQ fun. It started out innocently enough, with plenty of congratulations, happy birthdays and polite conversation. Then shit got weird when the weirdos hit the pool. Immediately after we changed into bikinis and swim trunks we turned into the rowdy bunch you all know and love.

The culmination of the night was a little bit of splosh-y food play goodness. It started when My friend Happy and I attempted to recreate a game of fluffy bunny We played one night with My girl Mel. Mel was a champ and fit 8 giant camping marshmallows in her mouth.

But everyone one else took this as a challenge and I proceeded to stuff mouth after mouth with sugary goodness. I reused the same marshmallows and added a few more and stuffed 10 into Nikki's pretty mouth. Followed by sweet little Lo who fit an astonishing 12 in her mouth. By the end the cup of marshmallows was wet and sticky, spotted with hair and grass.

The three girls were a giggly and sticky mess afterwards.

Once We were riled up, We had no choice but to continue our messy rampage: it was time for the cupcake gang bang.

We giggled our way down to the basement and retrieved our surprise for baby Sarah on her birthday: 6 red velvet cupcakes. We found Sarah and pinned her down. We shoved, pushed, rubbed, smushed, and covered her with the delightful pastries. Her face was a mess and covered in frosting and cake. It was a job well done for me and my minions.

If this is how we kicked off summer, I can't wait to see what kinky things happen over the next few months.

UPDATES: I will be in Miami taking sessions from 
June 29 to July 1.
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**All photos taken by Reeru and used with permission.