Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome back!

When a new client walks into my dungeon, I can't help but smile. I giggle as he undresses while my mind wanders into twisted corners. After a month away, The first lucky man to enter my dungeon after my trip was a cute little slut. The new slut was an small older man who wanted to be humiliated by the lovely Miss Bumpy and me.

I hadn't seen Miss Bumpy in nearly a month and I couldn't imagine a better reunion! Our new slut watched and waited patiently while Bumpy and I quickly reviewed some events in our lives. He waited patiently and willingly.

And then we got to the fun stuff:

We giggled as he choked on our double-sided dildo.
We laughed as he twitched under our pig prod.
We chuckled as he danced around.

It was a wonderful welcome back to the states and to my dungeon.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Kinky Chile

For Christmas my daddy and I headed out on an adventure in Chile. It began with First Class seats on a flight to Santiago! I have never flown first class before and it was lovely to be able to sleep all night and wake up to an ariel view of the Andes. We then headed down to Puerto Varas and worked our way back up. Sadly, after Christmas daddy had to go back to work and left me in the wonderful and beautiful Viña del Mar at Kalagen Hostel.
At first I was upset to be left by my daddy but I quickly cheered up when I went to the common room and was confronted and comforted by the sight of a metallic pink Saint Andrew's Cross!! What a delightful surprise!! 
It then became my mission to seduce some unsuspecting traveler on the cross. It wasn't the cross in my dungeon, but surely it would do. My first few attempts at this seduction proved futile and I never managed to get someone up on the cross, but I did have a delightful time trying. 
On my third night in Viña, I met two Chilean boy, Miguel and Luis. They were a blast. Over a beer, I told them about my chosen profession and they were quite intriguied. Miguel was no match for my dominate persuasions as he preferred the top as well, but Luis was easier to sway. 
Luis barely spoke English but was quick to let me use him as my ashtray. The pleasure of the occasional cigarette is quickly multiplied by using a human ashtray. As I ashed in his and people stared, I wondered what else he would let me do to him.
By the end of the evening, I had taken away his lighter, burned him multiple time and slapped him close to tears. As much fun as slapping someone silly may be, I have really come to love the game of convincing a stranger to let me slap him. I love the mental part of it and I am so happy to have discovered this part of my sexuality. Sure it brings joy to my heart to see a grown man close to tears, but the thrill of convincing him to let me take him there is just as wonderful.