Friday, November 14, 2014

A word from my clients

Every so often, I recieve emails thanking me for being so awesome and it is time that I share some of them.  While My style is not for everyone, because not everyone is into CBT while Taylor Swift is playing, I do provide an excellent and memorable experience.

Here are two emails I have received recently about sessions. The names are obviously not real, but rather nicknames I have given them.

This one is from the german I tortured for three hours in an amazing session:

Hello Marie,
I just happened to go to your blog and to my amazement found a description of our session.
Thanks so much for the consideration you are giving me! It really was a great session!
Also great the way you write about the session, it is very consistent with the way I feel about it!
You are an excellent Domina and a wonderful person – I am sure you will do great in any endeavor!
I wish you all the best and hope to have another opportunity to see you in NY!
 the german

Here is another from a session I did this week that was focused on CBT:

Ty Miss. 

While tonight is fresh in my mind, very much enjoyed serving. 

For your notes ;) felt like we just started when the 1hr was up. 

Where you pushed me, the cloth pins on the tip, that was right at the begining I was wondering if I could handle it for you. I learned that my balls can handle much more than the shaft or tip. 

On the predicament/ball bondage, I think I could have handled more for you.
Anything you were curious about re my reaction? I know sometimes I'm not super easy to read. 

Ty again. Will definetly see you again. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

the german

A few weeks ago, I received an eager email from the german. he was going to be in town at the end of October and wanted to book a session with Me. I am usually leery of such things, but the german's emails all contained the right amount of detail while remaining succinct.

The emailed contained a request for a three hour torture scene. A three hour scene is intense for both parties. But a three hour torture scene is even more intense, and with a first time client it can be a daunting task.  But his emails had Me confident that it wasn't going to be all that bad.

As the day approached, I was nervous. A three hour one-off session. I had three hours to meet and destroy this person. I was going to make it happen. I begin all first time sessions with a conversation about likes, dislikes, hard limits, safety concerns, intention and goals. I figured this time would be routine: endless questioning to get to the root of what the german really wanted. I was wrong.

To My amazement, the german actually had typed up and printed eight pages of detailed information about all the things I was planning to ask him about. Eight pages. Eight glorious pages that left nothing out but still wasn't over wordy. Eight pages of bullet points and subheadings and diagrams letting me know exactly what his limits were and what his preferences were. I was amazed and impressed and very thankful.

I was able to torture him very effectively. There wasn't a need for second guessing because it was all outlined for me. Neither of us were annoyed or bored with the actions. It was a blast to be honest.

I cropped him till his butt was a cute shade of pink over and over again while he was tied up in the middle of the room. I watched him squirm and wiggle. He accused me of being mean and I had to show him that I wasn't really mean at all, at least not yet.

After his stunning failure in a certain stress position, he was brutally punished on his bare bottom. I beat him over and over again, switching between the paddle and the crop, occasionally providing a nice thuddy thwack to his balls.

I looked at him after finishing a rather intense round of punishment and saw his face had changed and he was making some strange muffled noises.

"Are you crying or laughing?" I asked.

"Yes," he struggled to reply.

Then W/we both laughed and continued with the scene.

W/we even ended the scene with one of My favorite activities: water boarding.

While water boarding wasn't included in his manifesto, I had enough of an idea of his likes and dislikes the I knew it would be up his alley. After 15 minutes of water boarding while restrained, we ended the scene. he then looked at me and said, "i wasn't sure if water boarding was something You would do so i didn't ask, but i loved that!"

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tips for Phoning a Dominatrix.

Every time I post My ad, I am utterly disgusted by some of the people who call Me. Some people seem to lack normal human manners. It does not take much finesse to make such a call without offense. It just takes some thought. So slaves, submissives, and fetishists, I present you with some basic tips on phoning a Dominatrix. 

  1. Do not call at ridiculous hours: I do not live to serve you. I am not constantly sitting by My phone eagerly waiting for your call. If you call Me at 2 am, I am most likely sleeping. If you call Me at 10 pm, I am most likely going to answer very angrily. In My ad, I specifically say I accept calls between 9 am and 9 pm. That is a 12 hour window, don’t be the asshole I tell My friends about when I wake up. If you need to tell Me something at 3 am, email Me. 
  2. Do not call mid-masturbation: If I hear your silly little vibrator, I will hang up on you. It is absolutely disgusting and terribly disrespectful.  Did I give you permission to touch yourself? Did you even ask? If you can’t control yourself, then I have very little use for you. (THIS IS FOR YOU GROSS GUY WHO CALLS ME MASTURBATING ONCE A WEEK) If you want to masturbate while W/we talk, you can pay Me for a phone session. 
  3. Address Me as Miss Marie: Calling your girlfriend baby is cute, calling a Dominatrix baby is disrespectful. There is no excuse to use any other name for me. I am Miss Marie, I am not baby, sweetie or any other candy coated nickname.
  4. Be specific: I wish I was a mind reader. I am not a mind reader. I cannot magically discover what you want by you telling Me simply that you want to be dominated. With time, W/we may develop a relationship were I can anticipate your desires. But calling Me and simply saying “i want You to dominate me” is like walking into a restaurant and telling the waitress you want food. Give Me something, anything to work with. 
  5. Be respectful: I clearly advertise as a Dominant. Yet, every once in a while, I get a call from some one who wants to do things like “shove dildos in (My) twat.” Thank you for the offer strange, rude man, but I am definitely going to pass. Don’t ask or say anything crude. W/we haven’t even met yet.
  6. Remember, you are a pervert from the internet: Believe it or not, you are just some strange person from the internet who is into weird sexy stuff. There is nothing wrong with that, but I WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER put Myself at risk for you. I am guessing you aren’t worth it. That being said, I have nothing against internet perverts, hell until W/we meet, I am just an internet pervert too. But lets be clear: My comfort and safety come first. I am not looking to harm you, it would be a poor business model, however, I do not know your intentions, so I will not meet you in an alley at midnight by Myself. That is how girls end up dead. 

It isn’t really THAT hard to follow the above rules. I am certain they all essentially fall under the general rule of “Don’t be an asshole” yet I am confronted with these things every week. If you don’t think you can handle not being an asshole, try sending an email. My favorite clients do not call me, but send emails! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Unplanned Adventures

So I wanted to spend the morning working on an amazing blog post about feet. Then something serendipitous happened, My friend had injured her foot and asked me to go to the podiatrist with her. What a wonderful way to combine My emerging fascination with medical fetishes and My full developed foot fetish! Sure, I felt for her, but I was excited to go to the foot doctor.

I am sure she was in pain, but I was too busy taking pictures and being a general pervert taking pictures of her feet. Who doesn't love an understated up-skirt shot?!

So now on to the fun part of this post: PICTURES! Enjoy, My dears.

Foot pictures on the bus in Argentina
Relaxing in knee highs back in spring 
Purple Pedicure
Tasty Soles
About to put on slippers in Amsterdam
Cute little toes
After the beach in flip flops
So cute I just had to take a picture of them!  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fantastic Fetishes

As much as I enjoy S&M activities, there is a special place in my heart for people are straight up fetishists. There is a simplicity to it, there is not much mind reading required as is sometimes expected of me by submissive men.

I'm a Dominatrix, not a mind reader!

One of my favorite fetishists is a man I endearingly refer to as Crutch Guy.

I saw Crutch Guy for the first time a few months ago, we feasted on nut cheese and dairy free ice cream at Pure Food and Wine, my favorite restaurant! He didn't want domination, he just wanted to dine out with a pretty girl on crutches. It was refreshing to say the least, I didn't have to try and figure out what he wanted, because he already knew.

This week however, he wanted to try something new. This week, he wanted to put me in a cast. I have  never been in a cast, neither medically nor professionally. He wrapped my leg with fluff, which is apparently goes over the sleeve that is the first layer. After the fluff came the casting tape. The tape warmed as it hardened, which is surprisingly comforting.

Here is a picture of the final product:

We then just hung out which I was entrapped in fiber glass. I have experienced a variety of bondage styles and this was super interesting. Whenever motion is restricted, there is a sense of frustration, and this was no different. Luckily, since the cast wasn't medically necessary, it came off at the end of the session. I could hardly imagine being trapped like that for weeks at a time!

I would say it was an interesting experience, but I am totally looking forward to seeing him again next month.

If you are a fetishist, don't be shy, contact me and lets see what we can work out. I love exploring new fetishes!!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Cubby: Pop up Dungeon in Brooklyn

I am back in NYC and as usually, I am up to fun kinky things.

I am excited to announce I will be helping my lovely friend Mark Blane and my Daddy at their pop-up dungeon at One Last Shag tonight! I am offering my services with kinky consultations. Bid to get the chance to talk to me about whatever fetish or kinky interests you have. 

The money will then go to help them on their latest creative endeavor: Cubby. The film explores the unusual, brief but intense friendship between a sex worker and a Brooklyn baby sitter. 

Hope to see all you perverts there

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kinky Catch-up

Its been an exciting few weeks and I haven't had the chance to catch up so here is the recap:

It is no secret that I am a regular in the NYC fetish and kink scene. I have noticed it is unacceptably male dominated with the loudest groups and families run by THE domly-est of male Doms. I have been dreaming of joining a leather family, injecting some Fem-Domme into the scene and just shaking things up.

Thus, I am excited to announce the New York City Girls of Leather. I am a member of the board with a wonderful group of ladies. We had our first meet and greet followed by a gathering at Parthenon for some play afterward. There was a great turn out and we are excited for all the cool things we have coming up.

A few weekends ago, House of Pain hosted an amazing event, Kabuki. It was a fantastic event that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but a great over all experience. I was lucky enough to serve the magnificent Satin Doll with my friend BeautifulMess. We were dressed up and decorated by Doll. It was an over all awesome night with sexy wonderful people.

And now I am spending the week lounging around the pool, because even Dommes need vacations!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sexy Fun Times.

While kink and BDSM and domming are super fun. Every so often, I need to do some vanilla activities. Sometimes these vanilla activities can over lap with my more sexy interests. Last week, my dear friend FitToBeTied and I headed out for a lunch time adventure. FTBT is a good friend and guinea pig of mine. Our last lunch time adventure ended in the creation of the amazing and terrifying but still endearing Penis-a-saurus: 

This time, we headed to the Museum of Sex, lured by the NAME exhibit featuring a house of mirrors, bounce house and rock wall. 

We briefly scanned a poorly curated exhibit on Lisa Lovelace. It was interesting, but we had more pressing business. Sure it was lovely to see Lisa deep throating some cock in a clip from the first mainstream pornographic film, Deep Throat, but we had more serious business to get to. We knew there was only a staircase between us and the holy grail of bouncy castles:  FUNLAND: PLEASURES & PERILS OF THE EROTIC FAIRGROUND

As we entered the next exhibit, we are slightly impressed. The carnival theme was expressed wonderfully as we entered a funhouse mirror maze on a quest to find the elusive g-spot. Upon figuring out its location, we emerged from the maze and happened upon the real star of this story.

I quickly through off my shoes and put down my bag and jumped on in while FTBT was still getting his shoes off, he wasn’t as prepared as me. We jumped around amidst the massive mammory like two teenage boys on the brink of puberty. 

Next was the rock wall, and unfortunately, the soft curves of the female body do NOT make good foot holds.

All in all, it was sexy good clean fun. Sometimes a Domme needs a break from cracking the whip. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Magnificent Mal Martine

Last week I was a lucky little girl. Miss Mal Martine asked me if I could help her with a session.  She has a presence that truly cannot be replicated. She walks into a room and even if you don't see her enter, you feel her. I've seen her play at parties, I've been to bars with her. She is always a pleasure. Her scenes are intense. In bars, she is pure trouble, the best kind of fun. Pure feminine power and dominance just seeps from her pores.

So when I got her message asking if I was free to help her, I nearly squealed.  I was squirming with excitement. I was nervous and excited. I have seen her play a few times, and each time I was awestruck by her elegance and dominance.

The session wasn't anything extreme: bondage, nipple torture, light cock and ball torture, and (my favorite) feet. But it was amazing to watch such an incredible Domme work. She spoke softly. If you dared to breathe, you might miss what she said. I followed her lead as we secured our prey to the table.

It was hard to remain focused when I was so entranced by the lovely Miss Mal. She moved swiftly and sadistically on the table, she possessed a cat like elegance even in her corset and stilettos.
It was an honor to be her assistant as she guided the prey through increasingly painful nipple torture. The noises he made were an elegant soundtrack to her fluid movements.

I hope that she invites me into her dungeon again, and hopefully it will be soon.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fraternity Fantasies

As I headed off to Missouri for a quick vacation and some summer wedding madness, I posted online that I will be offering sessions while in town. An eager young fraternity boy contacted me. Immediately I began day dreaming about the session was to transpire.

Fraternities have an unsightly reputation as places that breed womanizing attitudes. I saw this as an opportunity to even the score. I was going to exert my female dominance in a location that is typically saturated with intense male energy. I was going to spank a frat boy with a his paddle.

The session began with foot worship, my favorite. I wanted to find out how bit this frat boys mouth was and he hungrily obliged my curiosity as I placed both my feet in his mouth.

When my fascination with his oral capacity was satiated, I moved on to the selfish reason for my visit to the fraternity house. I bent this frat boy over his bed as I thought of all the sexist comments I've heard from other boys who lived in the Greek part of this small college town. A sly sadistic smile creeped its way across my face as I reached for the paddle the poor boy had let on his desk.

I administered a thorough yet brief spanking,  The boy had never been spanked before and I didn't want to over load him. The spanking wasn't something he thought he would like, but I knew better. After I was done, we ended the scene.

As I left, I wasn't 100% sure he enjoyed the spanking as much as I did. I could tell it took him by surprise. But sure enough, not long after I left, he texted me thanking me for a wonderful introduction to spanking.

The entire experience brought just enough kink into my midwest adventure to hold me over till I got back to NYC. Now for the kinky mischief to begin....

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Reminder

Not often, but every once in a while I forget what it is that draws me to this lifestyle and I fall out of touch with my inner Domme. It is the same with any lifestyle, sometimes you just get burnt out.

But I know that I belong in this lifestyle because that feeling only lasts until I am reintroduced to my own power. This weekend was one of those epiphanic moments that provided me with the clarity I was unknowingly seeking.

I usually attend fetish parties, but don't usually play: I like to keep my play private. Last weekend at The Vanguard Party, something felt different. As soon as I saw sweet Lady Andy with James (a member of the Vanguard), I felt my inner Domme awaken and Lady Andy could tell. She was terrified. For some reason, people tend to think I am a mean and scary Domme. Those people are usually right.

James and I took the trembling Lady Andy into the next room for an amazing scene. I knew that she could take more than she was leading on and I knew that she would be putty in my hands within 5 minutes, not even. I was entirely correct. Some hair pulling, a heavy hand and some sadistic massage had dear sweet Lady Andy deep in subspace.

With a little encouragement, Lady Andy was able to not only handle what we gave her, but throughly enjoyed herself. At the end, she was surprised by how much she took and informed us that she thought she could take even more. I know she can, I can't wait to test her again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girls really do just want to have fun

On Friday night, I usually meet up with my Papi. We spend the evening enjoying each others company in some dimly lit establishment. After a walk and some people watching, we retreat to his bed where we talk until we fall asleep. It's usually just what I need to end my week and start my weekend.

Last Friday was different. VERY different. Instead of my usual Friday night date, I went to the Opening Reception for the TES Fetish Film Festival to watch my friends perform. I was picked up my dear friend and submissive Naps, who served me for the rest of the night. It is always a pleasure to have a dedicated submissive at my side for a night out.

The performances were all great, super sex. But the last performance, a burlesque performance by my wonderful friend Satin Doll, or Hazel DeVille (her burlesque name). Her number was amazing, sexy, and based on Serial Mom, a John Waters Film. Rumor has it that Mr. Waters himself assisted in the planning of the number!

The real fun started when we left the reception and headed to Time Square to frighten some tourists and hoping to make some cab money. Miss DeVille continued her Serial Mom persona as we ran around Time Square.

Highlights include:
Verbal disagreement with Spider Man and his super hero friends
Tickling Elmo
Offering NYPD some much deserved attention
Educating some misguided men about rape culture
Saving another woman from unwanted attention.

I now have tons of inspiration for a variety of public humiliation scenes for those are are serious and brave!

Contact me for details.

Monday, May 26, 2014

My Sexy Sunday Brunch

One of my favorite things about the weekend is brunch. Brunch is a great excuse to lay in bed with a special someone till noon then feast on basically whatever you want, whether is fresh fruit on french toast or vegan shiitake bacon tofu scramble. Brunch is meal that can be hot or cold. Personally, I prefer mine sexy.

This weekend, instead of the usual hunt for an aesthetically pleasing and appetite teasing location my partner and I decided to host a little brunch of our own. We invited over my dear friend Miss Jade and Naps. Miss Jade is one of my submissive sisters and Naps her is submissive daddy.

My partner relaxed while I ran the kitchen. I directed Miss Jade and Naps though our menu: gluten free banana pancakes with apple ginger compote, roasted potatoes, and baby green salad. The various dynamics and chains of command were fun to play with. My partner would make a suggestion to me, which would turn into a command to Miss Jade, who would then make Naps do it. It was quite fun!

It was a lovely day of domestic discipline with punishments being handed out when necessary. I've been studying domestic discipline lately and I've been settling in nicely to my role as head of a household. Realizing that I can have someone else take care of various domestic responsibilities while I watch and enjoy has become very erotic.

Plus, the view isn't too bad either:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dirty Poetry

I mentioned my wonderful slut who writes me poetry.
Well, he is at it again. 

In addition to his monetary tributes, he sends me poetic tributes. I have been really into poetry lately, but it is even more fantastic to read poems about are written about you by someone else! He sent these to me before our last session and he had greatly improved his cock sucking abilities and worked his way up from butt plug to dildo. 

Here are some more of his amazing haiku tributes:

My goal is simple:
to accept the pain she gives
as my gift to her.

From Miss Marie's mouth
-- lips red -- no words sweeter than
"Such a filthy whore."

Miss Marie's panties
require delicate washing;
my tongue must suffice.

i don't deserve it
but yes, i look forward to
Her degrading me.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bare-ing Soles

Sometimes, I have really stinky feet. I mean so stinky even I can smell them, and right now is one of those times. As I sat here pondering my stinky feet and wondering what it is that makes foot worship one of my favorite things, a distant memory popped up. It is the type of memory that only makes sense to me now. 

When I was younger, I hung out with the kids on my block. I was the self declared queen and no one dared to question my authority. I ruled the playground, the neighborhood and all the kids in our little crew. Everyone came to my blanket fort to pay their respects.  

One neighbor in particular, named Michael, frequented my blanket fort and endlessly pledged loyalty to my self proclaimed crown. On this one day I recall, he was in my fort telling me how much he loved me. Keep in mind, I was about 8 at this point and he was 10. I told him that if he really did love me and respected my crown, he would kiss and rub my feet. And to my surprise, he did.

He is now a member of the United States Navy, married and has two beautiful children. I wonder if he kisses his wife's feet. 

Its so interesting how fetishes can sometimes be traced to a very specific moment..... 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back in NYC

After the insanity of Amsterdam, returning to a grey New York City was a grim prospect.

Thankfully, I had a few things to look forward to. Last weekend, I was invited along as a guest of one of the members of The Vanguard to a private kink party at Iron Bell. It was a lovely evening filled with wonderful service and beautiful submission.

I was reunited with my wonderful kitten, the lovely Tyrris! Soon after I saw her pink hair, it was wrapped in my fingers as I dragged her around the stunning dungeon. It had been so long since she has come out that we all made sure she had a special night full of face spitting, kicking, punching, wiggling, caging, pressure points and general service. She was such a good girl, showing anyone who asked her new trick: smoking a cigarette with the lit end in her mouth, making her an ashtray for herself. She is such a great sport with such things. At one point I turned around to find her cleaning up spilled drinks with her hair!!

I was also lucky enough to catch up with my dear sweet Daddy this week, who had just enough time to snap some new photos of me!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Then I went to Amsterdam

Every so often, through a strange series of events, my life takes on a fairy tale like quality. The month of March was the next chapter of my kinky fairy tale.

After two weeks of hard work in the dungeon, one of my wonderful slaves spoiled me with a week long trip to Amsterdam. He joined me for three days of adventure, international exploration, and torture. He spoiled me with shopping trips and indulgent meals. I love walking into a store knowing that I can pick out whatever I want or looking a menu and knowing nothing is off limits.

On the final day of his trip, I rewarded my loyal slave with a scene to remember. I wasn't sure my toys would make it through security, so I was lacking my usual implements.

It is amazing the things one can use to torture a slave. We had a creative scene that utilized a hanger, a iPhone charging cord, two pillow cases, a bar of soap, a handful of quarters and a lighter. After the scene was over, my slave looked up at me and expressed his surprise. Usually my scenes are more light hearted with this particular slave, rather than serious or strict. But over the trip, my slave had gotten too comfortable and needed to be reminded of his place. I doubt he will forget it again.

After he left, I was on my own internationally again and I set out on my usual conquest of convincing strangers to try something new kinky with me. I found this lucky man when I went to Vondelpark in search of inspiration. I sat there watching him, and once he walked over we proceeded to chat for two hours. In that time, we covered topics ranging from international politics, weird parental relationships, sociology of group dynamics and, of course, kink. We parted ways with a promise of a kink meeting that evening.

When we met up, it was a whirlwind of face slapping, spanking, wrestling, and a delightful bath. We both laughed as he spanked me, he had never met a girl who could take one of his solid swats. I didn't sleep my last night in Amsterdam. With my head still spinning, I left for the airport still giggling at what has just transpired.

My quest for kinky adventures has just begun.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Suck My Strap On: A Poetic Interlude.

When I receieved the request from this new slut who wanted to suck my strap-on, I was skeptical he was worthy of it. Before our session in my dungeon, we had a cam session to talk about his wants and needs. He really proved to me that he wanted it but I still wasn’t convinced he deserved it. So when he came into my dungeon, he still had work to do.

Mistress Bumpy was in the session with me and together we worked him over really good. While he told me that he didn’t like pain, we quickly changed his mind and he took more than either of us expected. It was beautiful. He sucked on a decent sized butt plug while we took turns flogging and caning him. He wasn’t the best cocksucker we have seen, so we knew he wasn’t ready for a dildo or even our strap-ons.

After the session was over, I gave him an assignment. (I only give assignments to good sluts who impress me with their dedication) His assignment was to write a haiku on why he deserved to suck my cock. He went beyond that and wrote a few. 

I think he nailed it with these four gems:

Miss, motivating:
"Are you gonna suck that cock
Or should I hurt you?"

There is nothing worse
Than a timid cocksucker: 
I need to be trained. 

Because I must try
Harder to please Miss Marie,
My face needs fucking. 

Of things I want but
don't deserve, most of all is

Misstress Marie's cock.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lunch Break

The only thing better than a decadent feast midday is spending lunch with fresh meat in my dungeon. This particular piece of fresh meat had only seen a dominatrix a few times in the past, and came to us looking for an expanded experience. It was a double domme session with the wonderful Miss Bumpy and we took our tender fresh meat and softened him up with the crop.

We calmed his nerves and assured him we were going to give him the best experience possible. My favorite way to calm the newbie nerves is the blindfold.  Once the fresh meat was blindfolded, he relax and we strung him up on the St Andrews Cross. Without his eyes, he was so much more pliable in my manipulative hands. Without having to see the fear in his eyes, I was able to push him farther than he thought he would go. I covered my fresh meat with clothes pins and slowly pulled them off, confusing the pain with gentle caresses. 

Needless to say, it was the best lunch break any of us could imagine.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Childish Fantasy

Every other call I get is a man wanting to know what my fantasies are. I usually come up with something sexy, something they will enjoy. But my fantasies are much more private and I like to keep them to myself most of the time. Lately though, I have been consumed by a creative childish fantasy of mine.

I am fascinated by the idea of a bratty Lolita type using her blossoming sexuality to control a male subject. I love the idea of a grown man ceding control to a significantly younger female for her enjoyment.

Lately, I’ve been feeling even more childish than that. My latest fantasy is make a slave into my personal board game. I want to be a little brat that manipulates my victim into giving me control. I want to take that control and make him into my board game. I want to draw a board on his chest and invite my friends over to play a game with my new toy.

A little girl can dream….

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Mistress Friends

My dear friend Mistress Blunt and I were hanging out the other day and we were discussing how much down time there is as a Dominatrix. Luckily, a lot of down time leads to fun side projects like Mistress Blunt's See Mistress Cook blog. For her blog, she invites someone over for some delicious culinary exploration as well as a sexy food photo shoot.

I was lucky enough to get invited into her kitchen to make delicious fudge while I took phone calls from clients. Sometimes clients can get pretty cheeky and ask for illegal services. If I had a dollar for every time I've had to say "No you cannot eat my asshole" or "Strap on is totally illegal" I wouldn't have to worry about working!

Check out my lovely photo shoot and my recipe by clicking here!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Internet Adventures

I think we can all agree that going anywhere in the snow is absolutely horrible. For the first block, walking in the snow can seem magical, but after block two reality hits: the snow really sucks. I hate leaving my comfortable home when the weather is wintery. But these girls have to work, so Mistress Bumpy and I stocked up on food and took to the internet.

This weekend we did a few rounds of web cam sessions. Up until this weekend, we swore we would never do cam sessions. They aren't as fulfilling as getting to dig your claws into the flesh of a new little bitch, but it turns out they can actually be quite fun!

We had the pleasure of having multiple cam sluts! It was fantastic. I never really thought of myself as able to hurl insults but it turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable to call a grown man a dirty little cock sucking panty sniffing cum eating little bitch.

Plus getting items off my Amazon Wish List was also pretty cool!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

KITTENS: uncaged.

It started Saturday morning when my dear kitten friend Tyyris picked me up and drove me to my dungeon. I had a session planned for that afternoon and while this new client requested a solo session, he did want to meet my friend. As Tyyris and I changed quickly into our fetish wear, we wondered if he would let her session as well.

As the new slave crossed the threshold of my dungeon, Tyyris wasn't even phased. I knew she had helped our mutual friend The Stunning Margot Rose in a session or two, but I had yet to see her dominant side. To me, Tyyris is a kitten, a dirty little sex kitten, and I was excited to see if there was really a dominant side to her.

Initially our new toy didn't want her to play, so I banished her to the corner to watch as I played with someone else, knowing this would be a form of torture in and of itself. Lucky me, I had two toys for a Saturday afternoon.

As the session went on, I ashed in his mouth. I made him suck on my heels as I spit in his face. And it wasn't long before the new slave was begging for Tyyris to spit on him. She walked over casually, and then let him have it. She covered this lucky slave with her precious spit. I was in awe with my little kitten, she really could be dominant.

When the session was over, the lucky new slave left us each a wonderful tip.

For a job well done, Tyyris and I headed out to that nights kink party. As her reward, I dragged my sweet kitten around the party by her hair and showed her off. I locked her in a cage and rewarded her with the play she wanted all day. My kitten made me proud. I can't wait to see her in action again. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome back!

When a new client walks into my dungeon, I can't help but smile. I giggle as he undresses while my mind wanders into twisted corners. After a month away, The first lucky man to enter my dungeon after my trip was a cute little slut. The new slut was an small older man who wanted to be humiliated by the lovely Miss Bumpy and me.

I hadn't seen Miss Bumpy in nearly a month and I couldn't imagine a better reunion! Our new slut watched and waited patiently while Bumpy and I quickly reviewed some events in our lives. He waited patiently and willingly.

And then we got to the fun stuff:

We giggled as he choked on our double-sided dildo.
We laughed as he twitched under our pig prod.
We chuckled as he danced around.

It was a wonderful welcome back to the states and to my dungeon.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Kinky Chile

For Christmas my daddy and I headed out on an adventure in Chile. It began with First Class seats on a flight to Santiago! I have never flown first class before and it was lovely to be able to sleep all night and wake up to an ariel view of the Andes. We then headed down to Puerto Varas and worked our way back up. Sadly, after Christmas daddy had to go back to work and left me in the wonderful and beautiful Viña del Mar at Kalagen Hostel.
At first I was upset to be left by my daddy but I quickly cheered up when I went to the common room and was confronted and comforted by the sight of a metallic pink Saint Andrew's Cross!! What a delightful surprise!! 
It then became my mission to seduce some unsuspecting traveler on the cross. It wasn't the cross in my dungeon, but surely it would do. My first few attempts at this seduction proved futile and I never managed to get someone up on the cross, but I did have a delightful time trying. 
On my third night in Viña, I met two Chilean boy, Miguel and Luis. They were a blast. Over a beer, I told them about my chosen profession and they were quite intriguied. Miguel was no match for my dominate persuasions as he preferred the top as well, but Luis was easier to sway. 
Luis barely spoke English but was quick to let me use him as my ashtray. The pleasure of the occasional cigarette is quickly multiplied by using a human ashtray. As I ashed in his and people stared, I wondered what else he would let me do to him.
By the end of the evening, I had taken away his lighter, burned him multiple time and slapped him close to tears. As much fun as slapping someone silly may be, I have really come to love the game of convincing a stranger to let me slap him. I love the mental part of it and I am so happy to have discovered this part of my sexuality. Sure it brings joy to my heart to see a grown man close to tears, but the thrill of convincing him to let me take him there is just as wonderful.