Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fantastic Fetishes

As much as I enjoy S&M activities, there is a special place in my heart for people are straight up fetishists. There is a simplicity to it, there is not much mind reading required as is sometimes expected of me by submissive men.

I'm a Dominatrix, not a mind reader!

One of my favorite fetishists is a man I endearingly refer to as Crutch Guy.

I saw Crutch Guy for the first time a few months ago, we feasted on nut cheese and dairy free ice cream at Pure Food and Wine, my favorite restaurant! He didn't want domination, he just wanted to dine out with a pretty girl on crutches. It was refreshing to say the least, I didn't have to try and figure out what he wanted, because he already knew.

This week however, he wanted to try something new. This week, he wanted to put me in a cast. I have  never been in a cast, neither medically nor professionally. He wrapped my leg with fluff, which is apparently goes over the sleeve that is the first layer. After the fluff came the casting tape. The tape warmed as it hardened, which is surprisingly comforting.

Here is a picture of the final product:

We then just hung out which I was entrapped in fiber glass. I have experienced a variety of bondage styles and this was super interesting. Whenever motion is restricted, there is a sense of frustration, and this was no different. Luckily, since the cast wasn't medically necessary, it came off at the end of the session. I could hardly imagine being trapped like that for weeks at a time!

I would say it was an interesting experience, but I am totally looking forward to seeing him again next month.

If you are a fetishist, don't be shy, contact me and lets see what we can work out. I love exploring new fetishes!!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Cubby: Pop up Dungeon in Brooklyn

I am back in NYC and as usually, I am up to fun kinky things.

I am excited to announce I will be helping my lovely friend Mark Blane and my Daddy at their pop-up dungeon at One Last Shag tonight! I am offering my services with kinky consultations. Bid to get the chance to talk to me about whatever fetish or kinky interests you have. 

The money will then go to help them on their latest creative endeavor: Cubby. The film explores the unusual, brief but intense friendship between a sex worker and a Brooklyn baby sitter. 

Hope to see all you perverts there