Thursday, October 30, 2014

the german

A few weeks ago, I received an eager email from the german. he was going to be in town at the end of October and wanted to book a session with Me. I am usually leery of such things, but the german's emails all contained the right amount of detail while remaining succinct.

The emailed contained a request for a three hour torture scene. A three hour scene is intense for both parties. But a three hour torture scene is even more intense, and with a first time client it can be a daunting task.  But his emails had Me confident that it wasn't going to be all that bad.

As the day approached, I was nervous. A three hour one-off session. I had three hours to meet and destroy this person. I was going to make it happen. I begin all first time sessions with a conversation about likes, dislikes, hard limits, safety concerns, intention and goals. I figured this time would be routine: endless questioning to get to the root of what the german really wanted. I was wrong.

To My amazement, the german actually had typed up and printed eight pages of detailed information about all the things I was planning to ask him about. Eight pages. Eight glorious pages that left nothing out but still wasn't over wordy. Eight pages of bullet points and subheadings and diagrams letting me know exactly what his limits were and what his preferences were. I was amazed and impressed and very thankful.

I was able to torture him very effectively. There wasn't a need for second guessing because it was all outlined for me. Neither of us were annoyed or bored with the actions. It was a blast to be honest.

I cropped him till his butt was a cute shade of pink over and over again while he was tied up in the middle of the room. I watched him squirm and wiggle. He accused me of being mean and I had to show him that I wasn't really mean at all, at least not yet.

After his stunning failure in a certain stress position, he was brutally punished on his bare bottom. I beat him over and over again, switching between the paddle and the crop, occasionally providing a nice thuddy thwack to his balls.

I looked at him after finishing a rather intense round of punishment and saw his face had changed and he was making some strange muffled noises.

"Are you crying or laughing?" I asked.

"Yes," he struggled to reply.

Then W/we both laughed and continued with the scene.

W/we even ended the scene with one of My favorite activities: water boarding.

While water boarding wasn't included in his manifesto, I had enough of an idea of his likes and dislikes the I knew it would be up his alley. After 15 minutes of water boarding while restrained, we ended the scene. he then looked at me and said, "i wasn't sure if water boarding was something You would do so i didn't ask, but i loved that!"

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tips for Phoning a Dominatrix.

Every time I post My ad, I am utterly disgusted by some of the people who call Me. Some people seem to lack normal human manners. It does not take much finesse to make such a call without offense. It just takes some thought. So slaves, submissives, and fetishists, I present you with some basic tips on phoning a Dominatrix. 

  1. Do not call at ridiculous hours: I do not live to serve you. I am not constantly sitting by My phone eagerly waiting for your call. If you call Me at 2 am, I am most likely sleeping. If you call Me at 10 pm, I am most likely going to answer very angrily. In My ad, I specifically say I accept calls between 9 am and 9 pm. That is a 12 hour window, don’t be the asshole I tell My friends about when I wake up. If you need to tell Me something at 3 am, email Me. 
  2. Do not call mid-masturbation: If I hear your silly little vibrator, I will hang up on you. It is absolutely disgusting and terribly disrespectful.  Did I give you permission to touch yourself? Did you even ask? If you can’t control yourself, then I have very little use for you. (THIS IS FOR YOU GROSS GUY WHO CALLS ME MASTURBATING ONCE A WEEK) If you want to masturbate while W/we talk, you can pay Me for a phone session. 
  3. Address Me as Miss Marie: Calling your girlfriend baby is cute, calling a Dominatrix baby is disrespectful. There is no excuse to use any other name for me. I am Miss Marie, I am not baby, sweetie or any other candy coated nickname.
  4. Be specific: I wish I was a mind reader. I am not a mind reader. I cannot magically discover what you want by you telling Me simply that you want to be dominated. With time, W/we may develop a relationship were I can anticipate your desires. But calling Me and simply saying “i want You to dominate me” is like walking into a restaurant and telling the waitress you want food. Give Me something, anything to work with. 
  5. Be respectful: I clearly advertise as a Dominant. Yet, every once in a while, I get a call from some one who wants to do things like “shove dildos in (My) twat.” Thank you for the offer strange, rude man, but I am definitely going to pass. Don’t ask or say anything crude. W/we haven’t even met yet.
  6. Remember, you are a pervert from the internet: Believe it or not, you are just some strange person from the internet who is into weird sexy stuff. There is nothing wrong with that, but I WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER put Myself at risk for you. I am guessing you aren’t worth it. That being said, I have nothing against internet perverts, hell until W/we meet, I am just an internet pervert too. But lets be clear: My comfort and safety come first. I am not looking to harm you, it would be a poor business model, however, I do not know your intentions, so I will not meet you in an alley at midnight by Myself. That is how girls end up dead. 

It isn’t really THAT hard to follow the above rules. I am certain they all essentially fall under the general rule of “Don’t be an asshole” yet I am confronted with these things every week. If you don’t think you can handle not being an asshole, try sending an email. My favorite clients do not call me, but send emails! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Unplanned Adventures

So I wanted to spend the morning working on an amazing blog post about feet. Then something serendipitous happened, My friend had injured her foot and asked me to go to the podiatrist with her. What a wonderful way to combine My emerging fascination with medical fetishes and My full developed foot fetish! Sure, I felt for her, but I was excited to go to the foot doctor.

I am sure she was in pain, but I was too busy taking pictures and being a general pervert taking pictures of her feet. Who doesn't love an understated up-skirt shot?!

So now on to the fun part of this post: PICTURES! Enjoy, My dears.

Foot pictures on the bus in Argentina
Relaxing in knee highs back in spring 
Purple Pedicure
Tasty Soles
About to put on slippers in Amsterdam
Cute little toes
After the beach in flip flops
So cute I just had to take a picture of them!