Monday, July 28, 2014

Magnificent Mal Martine

Last week I was a lucky little girl. Miss Mal Martine asked me if I could help her with a session.  She has a presence that truly cannot be replicated. She walks into a room and even if you don't see her enter, you feel her. I've seen her play at parties, I've been to bars with her. She is always a pleasure. Her scenes are intense. In bars, she is pure trouble, the best kind of fun. Pure feminine power and dominance just seeps from her pores.

So when I got her message asking if I was free to help her, I nearly squealed.  I was squirming with excitement. I was nervous and excited. I have seen her play a few times, and each time I was awestruck by her elegance and dominance.

The session wasn't anything extreme: bondage, nipple torture, light cock and ball torture, and (my favorite) feet. But it was amazing to watch such an incredible Domme work. She spoke softly. If you dared to breathe, you might miss what she said. I followed her lead as we secured our prey to the table.

It was hard to remain focused when I was so entranced by the lovely Miss Mal. She moved swiftly and sadistically on the table, she possessed a cat like elegance even in her corset and stilettos.
It was an honor to be her assistant as she guided the prey through increasingly painful nipple torture. The noises he made were an elegant soundtrack to her fluid movements.

I hope that she invites me into her dungeon again, and hopefully it will be soon.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fraternity Fantasies

As I headed off to Missouri for a quick vacation and some summer wedding madness, I posted online that I will be offering sessions while in town. An eager young fraternity boy contacted me. Immediately I began day dreaming about the session was to transpire.

Fraternities have an unsightly reputation as places that breed womanizing attitudes. I saw this as an opportunity to even the score. I was going to exert my female dominance in a location that is typically saturated with intense male energy. I was going to spank a frat boy with a his paddle.

The session began with foot worship, my favorite. I wanted to find out how bit this frat boys mouth was and he hungrily obliged my curiosity as I placed both my feet in his mouth.

When my fascination with his oral capacity was satiated, I moved on to the selfish reason for my visit to the fraternity house. I bent this frat boy over his bed as I thought of all the sexist comments I've heard from other boys who lived in the Greek part of this small college town. A sly sadistic smile creeped its way across my face as I reached for the paddle the poor boy had let on his desk.

I administered a thorough yet brief spanking,  The boy had never been spanked before and I didn't want to over load him. The spanking wasn't something he thought he would like, but I knew better. After I was done, we ended the scene.

As I left, I wasn't 100% sure he enjoyed the spanking as much as I did. I could tell it took him by surprise. But sure enough, not long after I left, he texted me thanking me for a wonderful introduction to spanking.

The entire experience brought just enough kink into my midwest adventure to hold me over till I got back to NYC. Now for the kinky mischief to begin....

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Reminder

Not often, but every once in a while I forget what it is that draws me to this lifestyle and I fall out of touch with my inner Domme. It is the same with any lifestyle, sometimes you just get burnt out.

But I know that I belong in this lifestyle because that feeling only lasts until I am reintroduced to my own power. This weekend was one of those epiphanic moments that provided me with the clarity I was unknowingly seeking.

I usually attend fetish parties, but don't usually play: I like to keep my play private. Last weekend at The Vanguard Party, something felt different. As soon as I saw sweet Lady Andy with James (a member of the Vanguard), I felt my inner Domme awaken and Lady Andy could tell. She was terrified. For some reason, people tend to think I am a mean and scary Domme. Those people are usually right.

James and I took the trembling Lady Andy into the next room for an amazing scene. I knew that she could take more than she was leading on and I knew that she would be putty in my hands within 5 minutes, not even. I was entirely correct. Some hair pulling, a heavy hand and some sadistic massage had dear sweet Lady Andy deep in subspace.

With a little encouragement, Lady Andy was able to not only handle what we gave her, but throughly enjoyed herself. At the end, she was surprised by how much she took and informed us that she thought she could take even more. I know she can, I can't wait to test her again.