Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lunch Break

The only thing better than a decadent feast midday is spending lunch with fresh meat in my dungeon. This particular piece of fresh meat had only seen a dominatrix a few times in the past, and came to us looking for an expanded experience. It was a double domme session with the wonderful Miss Bumpy and we took our tender fresh meat and softened him up with the crop.

We calmed his nerves and assured him we were going to give him the best experience possible. My favorite way to calm the newbie nerves is the blindfold.  Once the fresh meat was blindfolded, he relax and we strung him up on the St Andrews Cross. Without his eyes, he was so much more pliable in my manipulative hands. Without having to see the fear in his eyes, I was able to push him farther than he thought he would go. I covered my fresh meat with clothes pins and slowly pulled them off, confusing the pain with gentle caresses. 

Needless to say, it was the best lunch break any of us could imagine.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Childish Fantasy

Every other call I get is a man wanting to know what my fantasies are. I usually come up with something sexy, something they will enjoy. But my fantasies are much more private and I like to keep them to myself most of the time. Lately though, I have been consumed by a creative childish fantasy of mine.

I am fascinated by the idea of a bratty Lolita type using her blossoming sexuality to control a male subject. I love the idea of a grown man ceding control to a significantly younger female for her enjoyment.

Lately, I’ve been feeling even more childish than that. My latest fantasy is make a slave into my personal board game. I want to be a little brat that manipulates my victim into giving me control. I want to take that control and make him into my board game. I want to draw a board on his chest and invite my friends over to play a game with my new toy.

A little girl can dream….

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Mistress Friends

My dear friend Mistress Blunt and I were hanging out the other day and we were discussing how much down time there is as a Dominatrix. Luckily, a lot of down time leads to fun side projects like Mistress Blunt's See Mistress Cook blog. For her blog, she invites someone over for some delicious culinary exploration as well as a sexy food photo shoot.

I was lucky enough to get invited into her kitchen to make delicious fudge while I took phone calls from clients. Sometimes clients can get pretty cheeky and ask for illegal services. If I had a dollar for every time I've had to say "No you cannot eat my asshole" or "Strap on is totally illegal" I wouldn't have to worry about working!

Check out my lovely photo shoot and my recipe by clicking here!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Internet Adventures

I think we can all agree that going anywhere in the snow is absolutely horrible. For the first block, walking in the snow can seem magical, but after block two reality hits: the snow really sucks. I hate leaving my comfortable home when the weather is wintery. But these girls have to work, so Mistress Bumpy and I stocked up on food and took to the internet.

This weekend we did a few rounds of web cam sessions. Up until this weekend, we swore we would never do cam sessions. They aren't as fulfilling as getting to dig your claws into the flesh of a new little bitch, but it turns out they can actually be quite fun!

We had the pleasure of having multiple cam sluts! It was fantastic. I never really thought of myself as able to hurl insults but it turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable to call a grown man a dirty little cock sucking panty sniffing cum eating little bitch.

Plus getting items off my Amazon Wish List was also pretty cool!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

KITTENS: uncaged.

It started Saturday morning when my dear kitten friend Tyyris picked me up and drove me to my dungeon. I had a session planned for that afternoon and while this new client requested a solo session, he did want to meet my friend. As Tyyris and I changed quickly into our fetish wear, we wondered if he would let her session as well.

As the new slave crossed the threshold of my dungeon, Tyyris wasn't even phased. I knew she had helped our mutual friend The Stunning Margot Rose in a session or two, but I had yet to see her dominant side. To me, Tyyris is a kitten, a dirty little sex kitten, and I was excited to see if there was really a dominant side to her.

Initially our new toy didn't want her to play, so I banished her to the corner to watch as I played with someone else, knowing this would be a form of torture in and of itself. Lucky me, I had two toys for a Saturday afternoon.

As the session went on, I ashed in his mouth. I made him suck on my heels as I spit in his face. And it wasn't long before the new slave was begging for Tyyris to spit on him. She walked over casually, and then let him have it. She covered this lucky slave with her precious spit. I was in awe with my little kitten, she really could be dominant.

When the session was over, the lucky new slave left us each a wonderful tip.

For a job well done, Tyyris and I headed out to that nights kink party. As her reward, I dragged my sweet kitten around the party by her hair and showed her off. I locked her in a cage and rewarded her with the play she wanted all day. My kitten made me proud. I can't wait to see her in action again.