Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome back!

When a new client walks into my dungeon, I can't help but smile. I giggle as he undresses while my mind wanders into twisted corners. After a month away, The first lucky man to enter my dungeon after my trip was a cute little slut. The new slut was an small older man who wanted to be humiliated by the lovely Miss Bumpy and me.

I hadn't seen Miss Bumpy in nearly a month and I couldn't imagine a better reunion! Our new slut watched and waited patiently while Bumpy and I quickly reviewed some events in our lives. He waited patiently and willingly.

And then we got to the fun stuff:

We giggled as he choked on our double-sided dildo.
We laughed as he twitched under our pig prod.
We chuckled as he danced around.

It was a wonderful welcome back to the states and to my dungeon.

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