Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Then I went to Amsterdam

Every so often, through a strange series of events, my life takes on a fairy tale like quality. The month of March was the next chapter of my kinky fairy tale.

After two weeks of hard work in the dungeon, one of my wonderful slaves spoiled me with a week long trip to Amsterdam. He joined me for three days of adventure, international exploration, and torture. He spoiled me with shopping trips and indulgent meals. I love walking into a store knowing that I can pick out whatever I want or looking a menu and knowing nothing is off limits.

On the final day of his trip, I rewarded my loyal slave with a scene to remember. I wasn't sure my toys would make it through security, so I was lacking my usual implements.

It is amazing the things one can use to torture a slave. We had a creative scene that utilized a hanger, a iPhone charging cord, two pillow cases, a bar of soap, a handful of quarters and a lighter. After the scene was over, my slave looked up at me and expressed his surprise. Usually my scenes are more light hearted with this particular slave, rather than serious or strict. But over the trip, my slave had gotten too comfortable and needed to be reminded of his place. I doubt he will forget it again.

After he left, I was on my own internationally again and I set out on my usual conquest of convincing strangers to try something new kinky with me. I found this lucky man when I went to Vondelpark in search of inspiration. I sat there watching him, and once he walked over we proceeded to chat for two hours. In that time, we covered topics ranging from international politics, weird parental relationships, sociology of group dynamics and, of course, kink. We parted ways with a promise of a kink meeting that evening.

When we met up, it was a whirlwind of face slapping, spanking, wrestling, and a delightful bath. We both laughed as he spanked me, he had never met a girl who could take one of his solid swats. I didn't sleep my last night in Amsterdam. With my head still spinning, I left for the airport still giggling at what has just transpired.

My quest for kinky adventures has just begun.

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