Monday, October 6, 2014

Unplanned Adventures

So I wanted to spend the morning working on an amazing blog post about feet. Then something serendipitous happened, My friend had injured her foot and asked me to go to the podiatrist with her. What a wonderful way to combine My emerging fascination with medical fetishes and My full developed foot fetish! Sure, I felt for her, but I was excited to go to the foot doctor.

I am sure she was in pain, but I was too busy taking pictures and being a general pervert taking pictures of her feet. Who doesn't love an understated up-skirt shot?!

So now on to the fun part of this post: PICTURES! Enjoy, My dears.

Foot pictures on the bus in Argentina
Relaxing in knee highs back in spring 
Purple Pedicure
Tasty Soles
About to put on slippers in Amsterdam
Cute little toes
After the beach in flip flops
So cute I just had to take a picture of them!  

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