Monday, March 16, 2015

Dirty Little Plastics

When I am not talking to perverts and sessioning in my dungeon, I am with my Dirty Little Plastics. We are a troublesome trio, three dirty little girls who are usually up to no good. We are the girls from high school you were too scared to talk to. We are the girls who made you cower when you dared to make eye contact. We are mean, pretty and oh so twisted. One of the DLP is my wonderful Mel, and the other is sweet little Sarah.

Sweet little Sarah is a Daddy's girl, and she's damn good at taking care of her Daddy. We all know that babies take care of Daddies as much as Daddies take care of babies. This means convincing sweet little Sarah to leave her Daddy's side is sometimes a pain in the ass, and usually ends up with a text at 11 pm saying she isn't going to make it while Mel and I roll our eyes so hard we can see our brains. This happens so frequently we have memorized what our brains look like.

This weekend, sweet little Sarah's Daddy was out of town. This means we got to play with her!

This included Mel dressing us up in ridiculous wigs, heading out to pass out prosecco to Phantasm and then just generally being hot as always.

After our prosecco duties were over, I rewarded my sweet little Sarah with a sweet little spanking perfect for a baby princess with the pretty DLP paddle that Mel made for us. Later in the night, I let a few friends play with Mel as well, rewarding her good behavior with a little spanking as well. My girls made me so proud.

The next day, my inbox was flooded with sweet thank yous, butt selfies, and plans for a sleepover.
 I have best girls a Baby Domme could ask for.

Sweet little Sarah and I before the party
Sweet little Sarah's and Mel's Bruised Bottoms.
Mel getting ready to meet us
Adorable paddle

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