Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hints of Summer

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, there is no doubt that summer is just around the corner. Summer invites many naughty opportunities that are not to be wasted and not wasting naughty opportunities is what we did this weekend.

Our little Sarah baby finished her IVY LEAUGE education and celebrated her birthday! Our whole kinky crew went up to her house in Connecticut for wet, tasty, messy pool party BBQ fun. It started out innocently enough, with plenty of congratulations, happy birthdays and polite conversation. Then shit got weird when the weirdos hit the pool. Immediately after we changed into bikinis and swim trunks we turned into the rowdy bunch you all know and love.

The culmination of the night was a little bit of splosh-y food play goodness. It started when My friend Happy and I attempted to recreate a game of fluffy bunny We played one night with My girl Mel. Mel was a champ and fit 8 giant camping marshmallows in her mouth.

But everyone one else took this as a challenge and I proceeded to stuff mouth after mouth with sugary goodness. I reused the same marshmallows and added a few more and stuffed 10 into Nikki's pretty mouth. Followed by sweet little Lo who fit an astonishing 12 in her mouth. By the end the cup of marshmallows was wet and sticky, spotted with hair and grass.

The three girls were a giggly and sticky mess afterwards.

Once We were riled up, We had no choice but to continue our messy rampage: it was time for the cupcake gang bang.

We giggled our way down to the basement and retrieved our surprise for baby Sarah on her birthday: 6 red velvet cupcakes. We found Sarah and pinned her down. We shoved, pushed, rubbed, smushed, and covered her with the delightful pastries. Her face was a mess and covered in frosting and cake. It was a job well done for me and my minions.

If this is how we kicked off summer, I can't wait to see what kinky things happen over the next few months.

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June 29 to July 1.
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**All photos taken by Reeru and used with permission.

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