Tuesday, February 11, 2014

KITTENS: uncaged.

It started Saturday morning when my dear kitten friend Tyyris picked me up and drove me to my dungeon. I had a session planned for that afternoon and while this new client requested a solo session, he did want to meet my friend. As Tyyris and I changed quickly into our fetish wear, we wondered if he would let her session as well.

As the new slave crossed the threshold of my dungeon, Tyyris wasn't even phased. I knew she had helped our mutual friend The Stunning Margot Rose in a session or two, but I had yet to see her dominant side. To me, Tyyris is a kitten, a dirty little sex kitten, and I was excited to see if there was really a dominant side to her.

Initially our new toy didn't want her to play, so I banished her to the corner to watch as I played with someone else, knowing this would be a form of torture in and of itself. Lucky me, I had two toys for a Saturday afternoon.

As the session went on, I ashed in his mouth. I made him suck on my heels as I spit in his face. And it wasn't long before the new slave was begging for Tyyris to spit on him. She walked over casually, and then let him have it. She covered this lucky slave with her precious spit. I was in awe with my little kitten, she really could be dominant.

When the session was over, the lucky new slave left us each a wonderful tip.

For a job well done, Tyyris and I headed out to that nights kink party. As her reward, I dragged my sweet kitten around the party by her hair and showed her off. I locked her in a cage and rewarded her with the play she wanted all day. My kitten made me proud. I can't wait to see her in action again. 

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