Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dirty Poetry

I mentioned my wonderful slut who writes me poetry.
Well, he is at it again. 

In addition to his monetary tributes, he sends me poetic tributes. I have been really into poetry lately, but it is even more fantastic to read poems about are written about you by someone else! He sent these to me before our last session and he had greatly improved his cock sucking abilities and worked his way up from butt plug to dildo. 

Here are some more of his amazing haiku tributes:

My goal is simple:
to accept the pain she gives
as my gift to her.

From Miss Marie's mouth
-- lips red -- no words sweeter than
"Such a filthy whore."

Miss Marie's panties
require delicate washing;
my tongue must suffice.

i don't deserve it
but yes, i look forward to
Her degrading me.

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