Monday, May 26, 2014

My Sexy Sunday Brunch

One of my favorite things about the weekend is brunch. Brunch is a great excuse to lay in bed with a special someone till noon then feast on basically whatever you want, whether is fresh fruit on french toast or vegan shiitake bacon tofu scramble. Brunch is meal that can be hot or cold. Personally, I prefer mine sexy.

This weekend, instead of the usual hunt for an aesthetically pleasing and appetite teasing location my partner and I decided to host a little brunch of our own. We invited over my dear friend Miss Jade and Naps. Miss Jade is one of my submissive sisters and Naps her is submissive daddy.

My partner relaxed while I ran the kitchen. I directed Miss Jade and Naps though our menu: gluten free banana pancakes with apple ginger compote, roasted potatoes, and baby green salad. The various dynamics and chains of command were fun to play with. My partner would make a suggestion to me, which would turn into a command to Miss Jade, who would then make Naps do it. It was quite fun!

It was a lovely day of domestic discipline with punishments being handed out when necessary. I've been studying domestic discipline lately and I've been settling in nicely to my role as head of a household. Realizing that I can have someone else take care of various domestic responsibilities while I watch and enjoy has become very erotic.

Plus, the view isn't too bad either:

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