Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sexy Fun Times.

While kink and BDSM and domming are super fun. Every so often, I need to do some vanilla activities. Sometimes these vanilla activities can over lap with my more sexy interests. Last week, my dear friend FitToBeTied and I headed out for a lunch time adventure. FTBT is a good friend and guinea pig of mine. Our last lunch time adventure ended in the creation of the amazing and terrifying but still endearing Penis-a-saurus: 

This time, we headed to the Museum of Sex, lured by the NAME exhibit featuring a house of mirrors, bounce house and rock wall. 

We briefly scanned a poorly curated exhibit on Lisa Lovelace. It was interesting, but we had more pressing business. Sure it was lovely to see Lisa deep throating some cock in a clip from the first mainstream pornographic film, Deep Throat, but we had more serious business to get to. We knew there was only a staircase between us and the holy grail of bouncy castles:  FUNLAND: PLEASURES & PERILS OF THE EROTIC FAIRGROUND

As we entered the next exhibit, we are slightly impressed. The carnival theme was expressed wonderfully as we entered a funhouse mirror maze on a quest to find the elusive g-spot. Upon figuring out its location, we emerged from the maze and happened upon the real star of this story.

I quickly through off my shoes and put down my bag and jumped on in while FTBT was still getting his shoes off, he wasn’t as prepared as me. We jumped around amidst the massive mammory like two teenage boys on the brink of puberty. 

Next was the rock wall, and unfortunately, the soft curves of the female body do NOT make good foot holds.

All in all, it was sexy good clean fun. Sometimes a Domme needs a break from cracking the whip. 

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