Monday, July 28, 2014

Magnificent Mal Martine

Last week I was a lucky little girl. Miss Mal Martine asked me if I could help her with a session.  She has a presence that truly cannot be replicated. She walks into a room and even if you don't see her enter, you feel her. I've seen her play at parties, I've been to bars with her. She is always a pleasure. Her scenes are intense. In bars, she is pure trouble, the best kind of fun. Pure feminine power and dominance just seeps from her pores.

So when I got her message asking if I was free to help her, I nearly squealed.  I was squirming with excitement. I was nervous and excited. I have seen her play a few times, and each time I was awestruck by her elegance and dominance.

The session wasn't anything extreme: bondage, nipple torture, light cock and ball torture, and (my favorite) feet. But it was amazing to watch such an incredible Domme work. She spoke softly. If you dared to breathe, you might miss what she said. I followed her lead as we secured our prey to the table.

It was hard to remain focused when I was so entranced by the lovely Miss Mal. She moved swiftly and sadistically on the table, she possessed a cat like elegance even in her corset and stilettos.
It was an honor to be her assistant as she guided the prey through increasingly painful nipple torture. The noises he made were an elegant soundtrack to her fluid movements.

I hope that she invites me into her dungeon again, and hopefully it will be soon.

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