Friday, November 14, 2014

A word from my clients

Every so often, I recieve emails thanking me for being so awesome and it is time that I share some of them.  While My style is not for everyone, because not everyone is into CBT while Taylor Swift is playing, I do provide an excellent and memorable experience.

Here are two emails I have received recently about sessions. The names are obviously not real, but rather nicknames I have given them.

This one is from the german I tortured for three hours in an amazing session:

Hello Marie,
I just happened to go to your blog and to my amazement found a description of our session.
Thanks so much for the consideration you are giving me! It really was a great session!
Also great the way you write about the session, it is very consistent with the way I feel about it!
You are an excellent Domina and a wonderful person – I am sure you will do great in any endeavor!
I wish you all the best and hope to have another opportunity to see you in NY!
 the german

Here is another from a session I did this week that was focused on CBT:

Ty Miss. 

While tonight is fresh in my mind, very much enjoyed serving. 

For your notes ;) felt like we just started when the 1hr was up. 

Where you pushed me, the cloth pins on the tip, that was right at the begining I was wondering if I could handle it for you. I learned that my balls can handle much more than the shaft or tip. 

On the predicament/ball bondage, I think I could have handled more for you.
Anything you were curious about re my reaction? I know sometimes I'm not super easy to read. 

Ty again. Will definetly see you again. 

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