Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What a whirlwind last few weeks.

My birthday came and passed and I celebrated with those close to Me. I was hoping for a fantastic session to come through, but sometimes you little perverts out there get cold feet. I get it: I am intimidating. But if you ever have concerns about your time with Me, reach out, tell Me your concerns. I am a very understanding and compassionate person, even though I’ve been known to crave men’s tears.

Aside from that, I have acquired my first piece of bondage furniture: a gorgeous spanking bench from House of Pain NYC. I also received a rope kit from a dear friend. I love rope and I am excited to learn more about it and practice on my favorite little pets. 

I have also been experimenting more heavily with financial domination. It is intoxicating. Taking money from some poor financial slave is satisfying; I know I deserve that money more than you. I know that I know how to put it to better use; I want it. I want to play games until you are broke and eating ramen noodles to satisfy My lust for your money.

**In addition to lots of kinky news, I am also changing my scheduling procedures.  I will be limiting my phone calls to Tuesdays. Call me 9 am to 9 pm on Tuesdays. I am available for last minute and day of sessions on this day. 

Other wise, all session requests must be submitted through email.


  1. I'm sorry but financial domination is just a woman being lazy and stealing someone's money, there is WAY too much of this now and I wouldn't session with anyone who thinks something like that is legitimate...after reading your other posts it's very disappointing to read.

    1. I agree with you most of the time. Honestly, I have never brought it up first, I do not think that is fair. But when presented with it, there is something thrilling about it. That is undeniable. I struggle with the morality of it every time I have encountered it. But at the end of the day, the person is in control of their money and who am I to deny the pleasure of gifting me? I think it is fine in that sense. But I completely understand what you mean.

  2. I appreciate the response. Unfortunately I have found the internet and especially twitter has become this breeding ground for "financial domes". 95%+ of the dominant twitter accounts have become that and sorry while I am interested in this I am not just going to give someone my money for tweeting me. What's always been the draw for me is the mental aspect of it. I have read all your postings, the one where you discuss using an older guy as your game board, to me that is what it's all about...a very unique and clever idea, I have to admit since reading that I have imagined being a sissy maid for you and your friends. One recurring idea I have had is I love when women wear hosiery and think women should wear them in dressy situations, having that flipped on me and being told if I can't take care of MY pantyhose and if I put a run in them I would then be required to be maid even longer, ie owing an extra hour of service for every inch of run I received...hearing the mock laughter from the women about aw you put a run in your pretty pantyhose...These are the kinds of things I think this lifestyle should be about.

  3. Yes, but who are you to judge what other people are into? I am a firm believer in "your kink is not my kink and thats okay." Like I said, I never FORCE someone into financial domination, but if I am presented with it, I enjoy it. The power to control someone with control of their finances is intoxicating. I don't think that it is for everyone. But I tailor each experience for each client. No two clients get the same treatment. If you were to session with me, I would make your experience what you want. I would create an experience for us. Each client is different, each kink is different.

    As to twitter, there are some jackasses on twitter who are annoying and should tribute for their interactions. But I don't feel that way about everyone, but if I am getting harassed, I will demand tribute. I think that is fair.

    Email me and we can talk more.