Monday, May 18, 2015

Personal slaves.

Regardless of how carefully and directly I word my ads, I get requests from rude little boys wanting to be My personal slave.

Oh hello stranger who knows nothing about Me....

Here is the thing about personal slaves, its personal.  The few slaves I keep around have proven their dedication, they show their passion and love for me to no end. They help Me in ways that are not easy to explain. But the key is, that I have chosen them. They did not come begging Me for attention, I saw them, I saw the potential, I cultivated that, I reap the benefits of it.

It has to come from Me. You cannot ask to be a slave, you can only make yourself available for the possibility. You cannot DEMAND to be taken into MY household.  It seems simple. It seems like something apparent but apparently it is not.

I have two personal slaves at this time. Both of them are fantastic. One was actually My first client ever, the other is my girl Mel. Neither asked, both were rewarded with such positions with My life.
Mel runs errands for Me and helps keep Me organized and is rewarded with the sweet guidance she craves. The other funds My budding rubber addiction and gets to serve My friends and Me when we get together.

So you want to be MY personal slave?

Don't send me stupid poorly written emails. Don't beg, don't grovel, don't demand.

See Me in a session and session with Me regularly. Impress Me with tribute. Impress Me with your ability to anticipate My needs. Prove yourself worthy of this type of position, and having some fucking pride about it.

Good luck worms.

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