Saturday, February 22, 2014

Childish Fantasy

Every other call I get is a man wanting to know what my fantasies are. I usually come up with something sexy, something they will enjoy. But my fantasies are much more private and I like to keep them to myself most of the time. Lately though, I have been consumed by a creative childish fantasy of mine.

I am fascinated by the idea of a bratty Lolita type using her blossoming sexuality to control a male subject. I love the idea of a grown man ceding control to a significantly younger female for her enjoyment.

Lately, I’ve been feeling even more childish than that. My latest fantasy is make a slave into my personal board game. I want to be a little brat that manipulates my victim into giving me control. I want to take that control and make him into my board game. I want to draw a board on his chest and invite my friends over to play a game with my new toy.

A little girl can dream….

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