Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Reminder

Not often, but every once in a while I forget what it is that draws me to this lifestyle and I fall out of touch with my inner Domme. It is the same with any lifestyle, sometimes you just get burnt out.

But I know that I belong in this lifestyle because that feeling only lasts until I am reintroduced to my own power. This weekend was one of those epiphanic moments that provided me with the clarity I was unknowingly seeking.

I usually attend fetish parties, but don't usually play: I like to keep my play private. Last weekend at The Vanguard Party, something felt different. As soon as I saw sweet Lady Andy with James (a member of the Vanguard), I felt my inner Domme awaken and Lady Andy could tell. She was terrified. For some reason, people tend to think I am a mean and scary Domme. Those people are usually right.

James and I took the trembling Lady Andy into the next room for an amazing scene. I knew that she could take more than she was leading on and I knew that she would be putty in my hands within 5 minutes, not even. I was entirely correct. Some hair pulling, a heavy hand and some sadistic massage had dear sweet Lady Andy deep in subspace.

With a little encouragement, Lady Andy was able to not only handle what we gave her, but throughly enjoyed herself. At the end, she was surprised by how much she took and informed us that she thought she could take even more. I know she can, I can't wait to test her again.

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