Friday, July 25, 2014

Fraternity Fantasies

As I headed off to Missouri for a quick vacation and some summer wedding madness, I posted online that I will be offering sessions while in town. An eager young fraternity boy contacted me. Immediately I began day dreaming about the session was to transpire.

Fraternities have an unsightly reputation as places that breed womanizing attitudes. I saw this as an opportunity to even the score. I was going to exert my female dominance in a location that is typically saturated with intense male energy. I was going to spank a frat boy with a his paddle.

The session began with foot worship, my favorite. I wanted to find out how bit this frat boys mouth was and he hungrily obliged my curiosity as I placed both my feet in his mouth.

When my fascination with his oral capacity was satiated, I moved on to the selfish reason for my visit to the fraternity house. I bent this frat boy over his bed as I thought of all the sexist comments I've heard from other boys who lived in the Greek part of this small college town. A sly sadistic smile creeped its way across my face as I reached for the paddle the poor boy had let on his desk.

I administered a thorough yet brief spanking,  The boy had never been spanked before and I didn't want to over load him. The spanking wasn't something he thought he would like, but I knew better. After I was done, we ended the scene.

As I left, I wasn't 100% sure he enjoyed the spanking as much as I did. I could tell it took him by surprise. But sure enough, not long after I left, he texted me thanking me for a wonderful introduction to spanking.

The entire experience brought just enough kink into my midwest adventure to hold me over till I got back to NYC. Now for the kinky mischief to begin....

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